12 April 2018

Creating Vince Diamond

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Creating Vince Diamond

“I would always give myself time to think, gather my thoughts and understand what I want in life, what's my purpose, my reason, what do I have to give? What do I have that people who believe in me see? Finding my art, designing my craft, creating Vincent Reece Diamond”.

Eloquent, reflective & confident. Vince Diamond - the younger cousin of New Zealand hip hop fame Sid Diamond and an alumnus of New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) - is another urban artist in the making, well on his way to perfecting his craft in performing arts and urban music production. With his introspective and conscious approach to lyricism, Vincent draws inspiration from some of New York’s early pioneers such as Immortal Technique and his own family. Born in Manurewa to a Tangata Whenua family with multi-ethnic heritage ranging from Egyptian, Greek, Japanese and Samoan, Vince made some great decisions early life and decided to follow his passion of becoming an artist. His style of storytelling is genuinely captivating and reflects his journey as a true urban poet.

Having successfully completed NZSE’s Certificate in Preparation for University (Level 3), Vince is currently studying a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Auckland University of Technology. Speaking of his personal experience at NZSE in terms of its learning style, lecturers and colleagues, Vince reflects, “They've helped me in being myself and to not be afraid to take risks or chances, to grasp opportunities you’ve earnt. You’ve survived for and to give yourself a platform for a better outcome for your future”.

With his love for music and his commitment to push his creative talent by educating himself, Vince is planning to graduate from AUT and continue producing music and speak his truth in his own unique style, staying true to his Māori heritage and his upbringing in South Auckland.
Like Vince, Auckland is awash with many young leaders, influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs, who may just be looking for that big break. As digital technology is rapidly transforming every area of modern life, many young New Zealanders like Vince are beginning to push the envelope and take active steps to change their circumstances for the better. Staying true to deeply-held family traditions, or rediscovering their roots, more and more young Kiwis are taking charge of their lives and careers. With opportunities such as NZSE’s Certificate in Preparation for University (Level 3), in addition to higher qualifications ranging from Creative Technologies, Business, Early Childhood Education, Healthcare and many more, it is now easier than ever to get foundational academic skills to enter university or step in to a rewarding career of your choice. Follow Vincent’s full story on Facebook, see his video on YouTube, and get in touch with us to learn more.