14 July 2017

Design & Arts – The Rise of The New Creative Professional

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Design & Arts – The Rise of The New Creative Professional

Technology has always had a natural synergy with the Design and Arts sectors and these days most of us can easily identify a well-designed website or piece of advertising. Many of us appreciate the amazing graphics in that last superhero movie you saw and appreciate or note a mobile app’s user-friendliness, as per the original hopes of the user experience designer behind it. As the world becomes increasingly digital, the skillset of the graphic designer, illustrator, art director, photographer and other creative professionals are sought after by a wide range of industries.


Creating Art in the Digital Age

Every logo, every display ad, store front, billboard and their digital counterparts are produced by a design professional with a range of skills – photography, typography, illustration and layout. They would have most likely used software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on their computer and some of them may have used a digital illustration device such as a Wacom tablet or Microsoft Surface Pro.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, along with Facebook and Twitter, rely on strong visual content. Building brand awareness, increasing engagement, driving web traffic are essential concerns for every business, irrespective of the industry. Creative professionals are required not only to stay abreast of the latest artistic and visual media trends, but also the latest tech trends. This dual skillset opens exciting new doors to anyone who may have been a little hesitant to pursue a career in arts. 


What Your Future Boss Is Looking For

At NZSE’s School of Creative Technologies, the focus is extremely clear – hands on, practical and industry-relevant learning to propel you into real world employment pathways. Wendy Hannah, who just took out 2nd place at the Mclaren College Art Awards is completing her Level 3 Certification in Design & Arts at NZSE’s Manukau Campus. “I originally wanted to learn about Photoshop”, says Wendy who identifies herself as an abstract artist, and even admits that at first, making the switch from manual to digital was a challenge “the skills acquired in the short 17 week course have taken my art to a new level”. Proof that even a cursory experience in at least some of the digital techniques – which are becoming more and more user-friendly, can expand creative boundaries as Wendy found out for herself.

*Jenny Devon is another soon to be graduate of this course, launched this year to provide a further creative outlet and future pathways for the communities of South Auckland. With her eyes on the prize of employment in the tattoo industry, she accredits a lot of the skills picked up and more importantly the ability to translate those skills into real world situations, with her recent success in gaining an apprenticeship at an Auckland Tattoo Studio.

The digital platforms available and constantly growing today require understanding but also provide a specialist set of new tools that can be used on their own on in conjunction with traditional methods of design and art. As Auckland’s creative tech sector continue to thrive, there has never been a better time to pursue a career in this exciting and vibrant industry. Whether you are unsure if your love of creativity could be something more, or specifically focused on starting to build your own portfolio to further yourself with higher studies, NZSE School of Creative Technologies has a roadmap. Contact the Manukau campus on 0800 99 88 11 or simply visit the website to learn more about our 2017 free workshops and certificate offerings today.


*Some names have been changed in this article to protect privacy