16 November 2017

Futureproofing Your Career: Learning in a digital age

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Futureproofing Your Career: Learning in a digital age

Go to school, go to Uni, get a job and settle for life. 

 That was the predominant mind-set of the last 50 years before the rise of Google, social media, Lynda.com, Khan Academy and a myriad of learning platforms and providers who are offering zero fee courses. We now have access to learn almost anything from almost anywhere in the world, choose a career of your choice, upskill or change your career at almost any point. Digital technology stopped being just one of those "great things to have" and has become an essential component in the mix for every business, public organisation, education provider and start up. Digital-savvy professionals are sought after and given priority in job interviews and more and more employers are investing in upskilling their digitally-driven employees. 

 What businesses are looking for

In this environment of an ever-increasing demand for tech skills in future employees, education providers are now competing to create quality graduates the employers are actively looking for. Business administration, front office management, customer service or call centre roles are in high demand and businesses are looking for professionals with that can-do attitude, people-focused and confident with using technology and office software. Meanwhile learners are looking for education providers who offer industry-focused qualifications and foster innovation, research and hands-on learning.

 What students are looking for

Gaining even a basic grasp of digital technology will help get your job application shortlisted. Proficiency in key office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in addition to a working knowledge of computer hardware, the internet and cybersecurity best practices is an essential prerequisite to many modern workplaces. Programmes that provide flexible class times, clear higher studies pathways for career progression are becoming more and more popular.

 What to do to get ahead

Digital technology is constantly changing, which means improving your digital literacy is key when it comes to getting ahead in any work environment. Improving your digital literacy enhances the ability to be curious and conduct inquiry in today’s modern and globalised environments. Innovation of the future is using and creating digital content in meaningful ways.