02 October 2018

Industry Project: InZone & TechSchool - A Collaboration

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Industry Project: InZone & TechSchool - A Collaboration

In April 2018, the InZone Education Foundation and TechSchool at NZSE planned to collaborate to help students take part in real-life industry problems.


Who are InZone?

InZone Education Foundation’s vision came from Terrance Wallace, an educator with a background in youth development from Chicago. While travelling around New Zealand, working with the United Maori Mission, Terrance was moved by a news story that addressed the lack of educational achievement among young Maori & Pacific communities, which struck a familiar chord with Terrance, who is of Native American and African American heritage, and noted the similarity of conditions back home among the African American and Hispanic youth.

What Terrance identified was an unfortunate consequence of the zoning laws at the time. His vision was to provide accommodation to young Maori and Pacific students within the zone for some of Auckland’s higher decile schools – Auckland Grammar School and Epsom Girls Grammar School. After pitching the idea to Auckland Grammar School’s John Morris and Mark Vella (then principal and deputy principal), and working with Ngati Whatua who owns the land where the accommodation facility was to be, Terrance was able to bring his idea to life in 2011 and InZone Education Foundation was born.


TechSchool at NZSE & InZone Partnership

The opportunity was open for TechSchool at NZSE to identify a need to upgrade InZone’s tech platforms, improve daily operations and provide InZone with an up to date and efficient tech solution that it deserves.

TechSchool at NZSE’s ICT lecturer and CompTIA-certified Advanced Security Practitioner, Feroze Ashraff, put together a team of students – Karthik, Priya & Sridhar - to perform an audit on InZone’s P2P network, the to back up the data to a brand new server, create user permissions and remote access, and upgrade the dated Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro. The team went on to assemble the server at TechSchool at NZSE’s Avondale campus and installed on site in late April. See here to watch this in action.

While providing a much-needed tech upgrade to an organisation that provides a platform for promoting academic achievement and leadership development for Maori and Pacific youth, the students at TechSchool at NZSE were also able to gain valuable, real-life, industry project experience.

By encouraging students to think outside the computer box and get hands on experience, TechSchool at NZSE fosters a culture of problem-solving and applying technology to create positive outcomes in the local community. TechSchool at NZSE’s programmes – from NZ certifications, diplomas and postgraduate qualifications, are designed with this ethos in mind.

Find out more about TechSchool’s programmes, regular workshops and ongoing community projects here or contact TechSchool team on 0800 99 88 11 or +64 9 8276 100.