07 September 2016

NZSE - Awarded Category One Status!

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NZSE - Awarded Category One Status!

We are proud to announce and celebrate the formal recognition recently awarded to NZSE by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), of Category One status, ranking amongst the highest level of Tertiary Education providers.

The External Evaluation Review (EER) process conducted by NZQA, aimed to measure how quality education standards are being maintained amongst Tertiary providers, and officially deemed NZSE as a Category one provider within their formal reviews released.

As a constantly expanding educational provider offering training in a variety of fields, we strive to continuously provide the best level of quality education to all current, past and future students. Through constantly evolving modern spaces and blended learning styles partnered with the crucial experience based knowledge of real life work environments, we embrace the huge value added to each student’s learning journey via these personalised methods. Leading edge programmes provide solid pathways to further studies and successful employment for individuals, fostering graduates who are ready to enter the New Zealand & global workforce with confidence.
Managing Director Brijesh Sethi explains how skills-based education means giving students the best of both worlds and results in top qualifications teamed with the soft skills to prepare students for the globally competitive employment market. "At NZSE, we believe in empowering students for their future by educating them through applied practical skills as well as through specific industry curriculum."

As a collective we would like to thank all of our students and faculty, industry partners and community stakeholders for your on-going support and supply of quality students and sharing the journey of nurturing skilled graduates available for employment.

To read the full NZQA EER Report click here.