06 November 2018

Rootcon / Sep 2018: Information Security Conference | Tagatay City, Philippines

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Rootcon / Sep 2018: Information Security Conference | Tagatay City, Philippines


Why attend a hacking conference?

“Affordable and high quality content!” says Feroze. Rootcon - an international cybersecurity conference held in Tagatay City, Philippines, featured some of the top GOONS who appear at some top hacking conferences like DEFCON and acts as an important nexus point for pros, aficionados and enthusiasts of all levels.


This year, Feroze Ashraff - senior lecturer at TechSchooland one of 263 CISSP holders in NZ and the only CompTIA’s CASP certification holder in Australasia, was there to catch the excitement, latest news and trends in cybersecurity industry and network with the hacking community from around the world. With live demos, hackathons, workshops and presentations, Rootcon was the place to be for cybersec pros and enthusiasts alike to learn, share and network with some international names in the community.


Cybersecurity is no longer a fringe topic. With technology transforming every area of modern life, the need for keeping information systems secure is a paramount concern for every business and government institution. Platforms like FireEye and Norse track cyber-attacks across the globe in real time. Among some of the top industries targeted are financial services, consulting firms, telecommunication, manufacturing and insurance. As cyber-criminal activity becomes a global concern, the industry is looking for expert ethical hackers to combat these threats.


Feroze identified the following points as some of the important takeaways from his experience at Rootcon.


·         How vulnerable we are to cyber-attacks.

·         How ignorant we are about how vulnerable are to cyber-attacks.

·         How “easy” it is to protect our networks to become a less desirable target.

·         How anyone can become a Script-Kiddy* in under 30 mins.


*Script-Kiddy - Someone who uses premade hacking scripts to attack without understanding the underlying technology.


Hacking your way to the future

Rootcon gave Feroze a great opportunity to connect with some global authorities of the hacker community and upgrade his own knowledge. As an Advanced Security Practitioner, Feroze is convinced that staying current with the fast-paced industry is crucial and highlights the importance of on-going learning. He adds that, "I've already started sharing some of the key takeaways from these presentations and workshop with my classes here at TechSchool, and planning to incorporate some material in to the Network and Cloud Security module of our Level 7 Diploma in Advanced Networking & Cloud Technology".


Rootcon facts

Since its launch in 2008, Rootcon had built a strong reputation among the global information security and hacker community. High quality content and affordable access had contributed to Rootcon’s success and popularity. Events like Rootcon are important for the following reasons.

Security awareness

Gain Security awareness in knowing the latest trends and research in Information Security.


Enhance technical skills and capabilities through the demos and action pack activities.

Social network

Get to meet known and respected personalities in the Information Security industry, widen your network of professionals.

Company reputation

The hacking community has the largest population in the Information Security industry, joining and supporting the hacking community will gain your company a reputation from the elites.

The demand for ethical hackers, information security experts across a wide range of disciplines will continue to increase as 2020 approaches. Rootcon and other similar conferences, along with tertiary education providers continue to gear their curricula to meet the industry needs. Learn more about the industry-focused programmes at TechSchool here.