18 April 2017

Tech companies are looking. Are you on the radar?

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Tech companies are looking. Are you on the radar?

New Zealand tech sector is growing fast. From software developers, hardware assembly experts, database administrators, networking specialists to cybersecurity engineers, a wide range of industries are relying on high quality ICT graduates to offer practical solutions to real world problems. For an aspiring tech professional, it is more important than ever to know what employers are looking for, how well a potential employee is paid and what career and academic pathways are available. Here is a quick guide on how to stay on the radar.

Global Trends & Local Demands

Globally, 2017 is a big year for tech. Open-standard hardware & software, automation of systems, crunching Big data, Machine learning and Internet of things are some of the key trends, in addition to AR/VR. Information architects, data warehousing analysts and cybersecurity specialists are listed among the top 5 highest paying jobs in New Zealand Government’s Careers NZ website. Full stack developers, ICT business analysts, Helpdesk Support specialists are highly sought after, as businesses and start-ups compete to create, test and deliver ever more efficient products and services. A quick search on Seek for Information and communication technology yields over thousand job ads, along with thousands of others on Trademe on Linkedin. Becoming aware of this demand enables the ICT student to reverse-engineer the process, so to speak, and to get a qualification that is both industry-relevant and useful.

Getting that real job

As businesses embrace smart technologies, invest in ‘getting online’, ‘going mobile’ and offer ‘cloud-based’ solutions, Auckland’s academic landscape is also stepping up. Alongside traditional tertiary institutions, a number of leading providers are offering programmes intended to meet the demand. To stay on Auckland’s tech radar, it is highly recommended to get amongst industry networks, tech events and meetups, regularly update the ‘Education’ section of your CV and subscribe to global tech platforms like TechCrunch, and local ones like IT Professionals New Zealand. Following similar pages on social media platforms can transform your newsfeed experience and help you stay current on those latest gadget updates, gaming news and more.

NZSE is a Category 1 Education provider, offering a range of industry-relevant IT and Creative Technologies programmes designed to meet the current needs of the market. Choose from Software, Networking, Web Design, Technical Support or other general IT courses available. Get in touch with the School of Creative Technologies on 0800 99 88 11, or email study@nzse.ac.nz for more info.