08 February 2018

Why Studying While Working is Becoming the New Normal

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Why Studying While Working is Becoming the New Normal

Modern work places are busier than ever. Induction periods are getting shorter and resumes with industry-relevant qualifications and digital proficiency are short-listed quicker. If you already made it through the door, it doesn’t mean necessarily that your studying days are over. Employers – corporates, small businesses and start-ups alike, are now looking to employees to take a greater ownership of their own learning, development and career progression. Working full-time and committing to study can be challenging to say the least, and yet, as the demand for on-going upskilling increases, both employers and education providers are offering many avenues for aspiring professionals.


It’s no longer breaking news – we’re well into the digital future with big data, cloud technology, machine learning algorithms and AI transforming practically every aspect of modern life. Businesses in the post-social media and internet age are fostering innovation, on-going learning, and research. In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses value team players who go above and beyond KPIs and contribute new ideas and new ways of improving customer experiences. Entry level professionals are an invaluable asset to any businesses, especially on this front – where do consumers hang out, what hashtags are trending and which products or services are becoming popular and why. A digitally-savvy professional with an industry-relevant qualification can fast-track their career progression and take on managerial or supervisory roles with a minimum amount of induction from employers. Education providers are competing to meet this gap in the market.


As businesses place an increased importance on corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices and embrace digital innovation, education providers are stepping up and offering hands-on, industry-focused certifications, Diplomas and even Postgraduate qualifications. It is easier now more than ever to gain a higher qualification whether a working professional had gained an entry level qualification previously. New Zealand School of Education (NZSE) has campuses across Auckland and offers business, creative technology, hospitality and a range of other top industry-recognised qualifications with this specific aim of providing flexible study options for professionals looking to up-skill. With both full and part time study options and day and evening class times available, NZSE is stepping in the right direction and equipping future professionals.

With over a decade of student success stories and industry experienced lecturers, NZSE could be the place to explore your career development options.