15 June 2018

Youth Academy Experience Day

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Youth Academy Experience Day

Formally launching our Youth Academy, we held a ‘Y.A. Youth Experience Day’ last Wednesday with the aim of showcasing the study options available through various zero-fee programmes for young people.

With students, families, community support groups and stakeholders coming together on one platform – plus lots of delicious food, music and interactive programme demonstrations – our newest Ryan Place campus in Manukau wore a festive look.

“We expected a good turnout but the response has been beyond our expectations,” said Pingi Maka, Student Support Manager, NZSEG. “Today we are purely celebrating and also taking the opportunity to make the community aware of the study options available for the youth, especially those between 16 and 19 years of age.”

Included throughout the day were a number of industry partners, including AUT, MyRivr & Solomon Group, giving young people a unique opportunity to talk directly to tertiary education providers and potential employers. Representatives from the police, fire department and defence forces offered a glimpse into the wide variety of career options available through the institute’s ATC Military Prep programmes.

“It’s best for youth to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth,” said Pingi. “It allows them to ask questions they may have – and see what sort of jobs are available; what qualifications and skills employers are seeking in candidates; what your expectations should be when you go out into the job market with those qualifications, and so on.”

The large number of community and youth support groups included in the event is a pointer to the holistic nature of education available to youth. It sends a message to young people that they are not alone in chasing their goals, that there are other people around to help them focus, and an understanding of the flexibility and balance needed to assist them in their journey.

According to Marina Masame, Head of School ATC, “The most meaningful thing about YA Day is that our youth know this stage was prepared for them and they belong here and are valued here.” 

At the end of the day, YA Day was about giving young people not just a chance, but sometimes a second or third chance by letting them know how achievable successful outcomes can be. “For many students, it can be the first time they are celebrating positive educational outcomes in their lives,” said Marina.  “It’s nice to see them engaging and laughing with members with the community that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to,”

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