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NZSE has 4 purpose built campuses Auckland wide. located in New Lynn, Avondale, Manukau and CBD. Feeling supported throughout your studies is critical to your success as a student and each campus is equipped with full wifi coverage and located close to an array of local amenities. Get the best out of your studies at NZSE with our wide range of electronic and physical support platforms and services.



Students are at the centre of teaching and learning at NZSE and we believe students learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning. Our aim is therefore to provide a rich educational experience using a variety of learning strategies including projects, case studies, problem based learning, and practical activities. The use of these strategies allow students to demonstrate new skills and construct new meanings and knowledge. In doing so students also develop communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership and technology proficiency – the skills highly valued by 21st century employers. All
students are expected to access MoodleRooms NZSE’s online learning and teaching tool Learning Media System. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At NZSE the timetabled use of interactive, technology supported resources, are planned as part of the learning experience. These may be synchronous or asynchronous. Therefore, online participation whether it be in the form of wikis, blogs, and streamed data for example, is already making an increasing contribution to student learning. Student support, learning support, computing support, is available to students online. Online participation in a range of digital learning activities and
resources, online simulations, facilitated group work and problem solving, wikis and blogs can also be complemented by face to face or other online delivery. A variety of learning and teaching methods are utilised in programmes to meet the diverse learning styles, contexts and needs of students.



BYOD (bring your own device) is a strategy implemented in many schools and business, and is becoming a standard feature in tertiary education. BOYD enables students to actively access learning material and resources 24/7 on any NZSE campus and from any other place they’re connected to the internet.

The BYOD strategy facilitates creativity, leadership, communication, and technology proficiency - skills that is highly valued by employers.

Students can use BYOD to:
• Access learning content
• Collaborate with others
• Access, prepare, record and present information and ideas
• Prepare assessments
• Develop ePortfolios

*Please note that not all programmes at NZSE are BYOD. Students will be advised at enrolment if the programme they are studying has a BYOD requirement and what the minimum specifications are if so.

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