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Securing skilled workers is one of the most pressing issues facing industries across New Zealand. Each and every day, people across New Zealand go to work without the skills they need to carry out their jobs effectively. Find out how NZSE’s Work-based Learning Programmes are helping employees, employers and the wider community in our Q&A with Anuj Seghal, Industry Engagement Partner.
Why should employers upskill their staff?
Helping employees gain a qualification has many benefits for businesses. By providing employees with opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge, businesses foster a culture of continuous learning and development – lifting retention.
How does WBL programmes benefit employees?
NZSE’s tailored Work-based Learning programmes and development solutions help grow, challenge and nurture individuals. People benefit from new skills, making their working lives easier and more enjoyable. These industry-relevant skills are instrumental to giving people a chance to pursue their dreams while improving benefits to communities.
How are NZSE’s WBL programmes designed?
NZSE WBL programmes are individually designed to allow workers to continue their full-time work while completing their qualifications at their own pace. This approach not only enhances productivity for employers but also contributes to improved employee retention and satisfaction.

What WBL programmes are currently offered at NZSE?
To address the urgent, increasing needs of the Healthcare and Security sectors, NZSE’s launched specialised work-based learning programmes so that organisations can upskill or reskill their employees.

NZSE also currently offers the following:
  • Advanced Care & Support (Level 4)
  • Micro-credentials in Dementia support
  • Advanced Care & Support (Level 4)

Success starts with using the right professional training model. For more information about NZSE’s Work-based Learning programmes, connect with Anuj here

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