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NZSE holds an annual graduation for students across our schools to come together and celebrate their academic success. It is a milestone every tertiary student looks forward to, an uplifting conclusion to your journey at NZSE and the start of your journey into the wider world.
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Graduation FAQs

How do I get tickets for me and my friends/whanau?

If you have either completed or are close to completing your programme when graduation approaches, you will receive an email from NZSE. Through this email, you will be able to book tickets for yourself, your friends, and whanau.

E-tickets will be issued to you. You (the graduand) will need to bring your e-ticket. Each of your guests will require their own ticket for admission. Children over the age of 2 need a ticket. They must be closely supervised and accompanied by an adult who is not graduating at all times. As children can sometimes find these formal ceremonies uncomfortable, we recommend guests with young children sit next to an aisle to easily leave the hall if necessary.

If you have invited guests from overseas, we can provide you with a letter for immigration visas. Please contact [email protected]

You will receive 2 free tickets for your guests. You will then be able to purchase 2 extra tickets for the cost of $5 each. You can purchase these online or email your request. If you still require more tickets, then you will be placed on a waiting list, and if numbers allow you will be able to purchase extra tickets. If you have tickets you will not use, please contact [email protected] so we can reallocate these tickets to those on the guest seating waitlist.

If you need to cancel, please contact [email protected]. There is a no refund policy.

Academic Dress (regalia)
Your graduation is a formal celebration, so you must wear the correct academic dress (also called regalia). It’s your responsibility to buy or hire the items you need in time for your graduation ceremony.

Colours and styles of regalia are specific to the subject you are getting your qualification in. Undergraduate or Short Gowns are worn by certificate and diploma recipients.

Diploma scarves/stoles may be worn by diploma graduate diploma and postgraduate diploma recipients. The colour denotes the qualification being awarded. The colour is different for each school.

Health Care – light green
Business and IT – blue

You may choose to wear clothing of garments of honour from your culture or home country such as a korowai, ta’ovala or sari as well. This is a welcome enrichment to the colour of the graduation ceremonies and a celebration of our different cultures.

Advice from previous graduations:

  • Graduation day involves a considerable amount of walking and standing, so high heels may not be practical.
  • You’ll be videoed and photographed throughout the day. So, look your best!


NZSE College has a preferred supplier arrangement for hiring academic dress with Academic Dress Hire to ensure the quality of the regalia hired to students for graduation. There are a small number of gowns that can be hired from NZSE. This will be done on a first come, first served basis.

When you arrive, dressed in your regalia, you will need to check-in and complete a graduation survey. Check-in will begin at 12pm and close at 1.30pm. If you have not already received your programme completion certificate you will be able to collect it.

Your whanau and friends can enter the venue from 12.00pm and must all be seated by 1.30pm. Please leave any handbags, satchels, cameras or any small items with your guests.

All graduates will receive a complimentary copy of the programme at the ceremony.

At the start of the ceremony the audience is expected to rise as the academic and official processions enter. The audience will be advised when to sit.

At the appropriate time, various qualifications will be announced. Graduates will be guided by an usher to the stage before your qualification is announced. When your name is announced, approach the sage and stand directly before the academic director. The director will shake your hand and hand you your scroll. When the entire cohort has been called, graduates will stand in the centre of the stage for a final cohort photo before exiting the stage. Recipients will be guided back to their seats by an usher.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone will remain standing until those on stage have withdrawn. Graduates will then follow the staff in procession out of the auditorium. Students and guests are to remain in the auditorium until the ceremony has concluded.

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