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How to be Job Ready: Industry Insights from Healthcare Professionals at Spectrum Care  

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What do industry experts recommend to those who are interested in a rewarding healthcare career? In an informative NZSE LIVE event, Spectrum Health’s Preet Mohan and Ojasvi Singh joined NZSE Head of School, Sadia Faisal, to share their insights and experiences as New Zealand-based healthcare professionals. Together, their ideas sparked solutions and strategies for those who seek success. Here are some highlights of the session:
What are must-have characteristics of a quality healthcare professional?

Both Ojasvi and Preet expressed their passion for healthcare and their commitment to supporting the community – something that they say is essential for anyone working in the sector.

“I was motivated towards the disability sector, and I wanted to do something related to this area of healthcare,” says Ojasvi. With her strong interest in serving this segment of the community, Ojasvi enrolled in NZSE’s School of Health to start her journey. Having graduated from NZSE with a Diploma in Healthcare and Community Support (Level 7), she is now the Regional Community Facilitator at Spectrum Care.

Ojasvi emphasised the importance of skilling up in a community-based programme to be appropriately meet peoples’ needs. The programmes at NZSE helped her gain a better understanding of basic requirements to succeed in New Zealand’s healthcare sector, specialising in disability support.

As Spectrum’s Service Coordinator, Preet highlighted that having a passion for helping others is a must-have, as healthcare is a service-based industry where job values are based on empathy and compassion. “It is beneficial if you have the passion for it [healthcare]. If you have that, multiple opportunities are available.” Further to that, according to Preet, success stems from supporting others to achieve their goals – a core part of a job.

NZSE Head of School Sadia agrees: “Your compassion, your empathy, and your passion towards helping people enable you to improve their quality of life.”
What do you learn when enrolled in NZSE programme: NZ Certificate in Health and Wellbeing, Social and Community Services – Disability Support (Level 4)?

  • Effective communication and engagement
  • Advocacy and accessibility
  • Culturally appropriate wellbeing/Hauora strategies
  • Leadership and reflective practice
  • Healthcare professionalism
  • Safety and quality in Healthcare

How can you be job-ready with a certification in Health and Wellbeing, Social and Community Services? – Disability Support?

When it comes to getting ready to join the workforce, both Ojasvi and Preet agreed that having education embedded with hands-on practical learning is crucial, as it helps you prepare for the real world. Highlighting your personal strengths are key to securing a role, “Check your resume [CV],” says Ojasvi. “Ask your tutor [or Student Support Services] to check the details and make sure the job description fits within the skillset you’ve outlined on your resume.”

What is involved in the day-to-day role as a Community Support Worker?

“As a community support worker, you support people with disabilities,” says Ojasvi.

Preet agrees: “There are some practical responsibilities of a Community Support Worker (CSW) within their day-to-day tasks: Accompanying people [assisting]them in their daily activities, helping them in community integration; supporting people to improve various skills and independence.”

“You provide day-to-day care and support which makes a lasting impact on peoples’ lives.”

Meet Our Guest Speaker(s)

Preet Mohan

Healthcare Professional Spectrum Care Trust NZ
Preet is a highly experienced healthcare professional, currently working with Spectrum Care Trust NZ as Service Co-ordinator (Home & Community Support). He has vast knowledge in infection control, health and safety practices, protocols, and personal care. Preet previously worked with Mash Trust NZ and Healthcare Staff Ltd.

Ojasvi Singh

Whanau Engagement Lead Spectrum Care Trust NZ
Ojasvi is a graduate of NZSE having completed a Diploma in Community Health and Support Level 7 in 2018. She is a passionate and culturally aware professional with a proven track record of building strong community connections and fostering inclusive environments for tangata whaikaha. She currently works with Spectrum Care as Whanau Engagement Lead.

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