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How to achieve career success? Skill up in tech

We asked leaders in technology: “What excites you about NZSE’s School of Tech: Bachelor of Business Information Management?” Here’s what they said:

“It’s a totally different era we are living in than previous decades. It’s not traditional anymore. So we want to make sure that there is a link between what we do in the school to what is happening out ‘over there’ in their lives; and preparing our young people for the real world of work. With NZSE’s BBIM degree, we see worthwhile learning opportunities for our students to have relevant work experiences tied in with theory.” – Lawrence Naicker, Deputy Principal, Manurewa High School
“Māori and Pasifika come from a long line of great innovators, traditional navigators, also technologists – people that were disruptors before disruption was a word – that they were navigating the Pacific highways for millennia effortlessly using the environment, using the stars and using other technologies of the time. Our rangatahi have attributes and characteristics that will make them successful in tech.” – Lee Timutimu, CEO, Te Matarau (Māori Tech Association)
“We work together with educational providers such as NZSE so that students gain practical experience and insights into the real-world dynamics of teamwork and collaboration – two crucial factors to becoming prepared for the workforce. Neither industry nor education can do it all on their own, you have to work together as a team to help equip learners with the skills they need for future success.” – Gordon Macdonald, Head of Operations, ZOZO
“You don’t have to come into the tech industry and be a programmer. With a degree such as BBIM, you can go into any kind of industry and use skills learnt – from soft skills to technical skill – in different parts of an organisation. Collaboration between educators and the industry ensures that students are equipped with a holistic skill set that prepares them for what’s required when working for a successful, modern business” – Victoria MacLennan, Chief Executive, IT Professionals New Zealand


Serving local and international communities for nearly 20 years, NZSE is a leading tech education provider with a focus is on learner success – be it to succeed in employment or further studies. Tūrama Scholars Programme is a testament to this commitment. Tūrama translates from Te Reo Māori as “to illuminate” – and this initiative aims to brighten career paths for youth, and empower underrepresented groups in the tech world by offering full-tuition scholarships. Covering the cost of full tuition for the three-year degree, there will be two recipients each for: Women in Tech, Māori in tech, and Pasifika in Tech. Further to this are two academic merit scholarships and five 1-year international scholarships available for cohorts starting March 2024.

Get future ready. Find out more about NZSE’s School of Tech’s programmes here

“By equipping people with the right skills and knowledge, they’ll be able to open doors to exciting and rewarding career paths – fostering personal growth, a sense of community and financial independence.” – Brijesh Sethi, Founder & Chairman of NZSE

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