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NZSE Receives 2023 Social Contribution Award

In a ground-breaking stride toward inclusivity and education, NZSE has been honoured with the 2023 Social Contribution Category Award by the New Zealand Chinese Business Club. This accolade celebrates NZSE’s unwavering commitment to bridging language gaps, empowering communities, and nurturing social and economic growth across New Zealand.
The key to this honour is NZSE’s innovative introduction of the NZ Certificate in ECE Level 4 in Mandarin, a game-changer in the world of education. This NZQA-approved qualification is delivered in Mandarin and online, making it accessible to individuals nationwide. Since its launch in 2022, more than 150 learners have overcome language barriers, honed their digital skills, and proudly achieved the qualification, opening doors to careers as home-based Early Childhood Education (ECE) educators.
This milestone holds a special significance as it addresses a pressing need within the New Zealand Chinese community. In the past, there were no qualifications required for home-based educators, but in 2022, regulations were set in place, mandating that by January 2025, 80% of these educators must hold a minimum of a Level 4 Early Childhood Education certificate. This presented challenges to many educators who had to balance work and study while overcoming language barriers. NZSE’s pioneering response is making a profound impact, illuminating a path to a brighter future for these educators.
NZ Certificate in ECE Level 4 in Mandarin program at NZSE has been a remarkable success. In the first class that opened in January 2022, more than 100 learners enrolled and achieved the qualification, even at an average age of 62 years old. This accomplishment demonstrates that age is not a barrier to personal and professional growth, as long as one is motivated to learn.

Wendy Liao, CEO of NZSE, emphasises the transformative power of this education, stating, “This online qualification elevates learners' skillsets and deepens their understanding of New Zealand society - knowledge that can be passed on to the next generation.” It's not just education; it's the catalyst for a brighter tomorrow.

Dr Jian Yang, Chair of New Zealand Chinese Business Club, commends NZSE on its effort to cater for the need of the Chinese community, stating “NZSE has thus set an example for education providers in New Zealand.”

Mary Waugh, Academic Director - Qualifications and QA, shares her elation at the program's extraordinary success, saying, "It's a celebration of how we support the Chinese community, parents, and grandparents, and, more importantly, the profound impact this support has on the younger generation growing up in New Zealand. My heart swells with pride."

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