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Career Pathway in Hospitality

Find a career pathway in hospitality. Skill up with practical know-how to operate as a pro in bars, cafes, restaurants and more with NZSE’s School of Hospitality Programmes – advance your career within the industry.

Career Pathway in Health

NZSE School of Health

Find a career in Health or healthcare industry, check out in-demand jobs in the New Zealand healthcare sector. Get certified to work a healthcare professional.

Find a Career Pathway

NZSE Find a Career Pathway – popular jobs in IT, Healthcare, ECE, Hospitality, and ATC Military Prep. Map your passion with in-demand jobs, skill up to build future proof career pathway.

Essential First Aid Course

NZSE School of Health-Essential First Aid Course

School of Health – Essential First Aid Course, one-day course to get certified with NZQA first aid credits.

STAR and Gateway Programmes

A Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) and Gateway courses – experience the pathway in IT, Healthcare, ECE, and ATC.

Diploma in Community Healthcare and Support (Level 7)

NZSE School of Health-Diploma in Community Healthcare and Support (Level 7)

School of Health – Diploma in Community Healthcare and Support (Level 7). New Zealand has a strong demand for key staff in the Healthcare sector and NZSE offers several opportunities for students to advance in a Healthcare career through rigorous and up-to-date programmes.
With NZSE’s Diploma in Community Healthcare and Support (Level 7) you’ll be equipped with necessary skills to provide holistic care to the aged community.

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