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Are you inspired to care for and support people who are in need of assistance? Do you enjoy working in a team? Are you interested in working with people varying in age, life stages, abilities, and cultures? If so, you may find a career in health both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. Whether it’s a role as Caregiver or Pharmacy Technician, you’ll be job-ready for your health career pathway when you finish your health qualification at NZSE. Explore the options below to light up your future – and the future of others.

Caregivers are frontline health workers, providing care and support to patients and helping them achieve personal wellbeing goals. Caregivers provide a range of services, including creating routines and goals; helping with daily tasks that a patient is unable to do on their own; and encouraging participation in activities and programmes. Caregivers can work in a range of settings such as a retirement village or in a patient’s home. This pathway leads you to work with a minimum pay of $26.94 an hour according to the New Zealand Government’s pay parity agreement (as of 1 July 2023).

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Community Support workers provide care across a wide range of areas within healthcare. Depending on their specialty, Community Support workers nurture the wellbeing of people who have disabilities, mental illnesses and/or are part of the aged population. This pathway leads you to work with a minimum pay of $28.25 an hour according to the New Zealand Government’s pay parity agreement (as of 1 July 2023).

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One in four New Zealanders have a form of disability or impairment. Disability Support workers cater to the needs of the disabled population, whether that’s a physical impairment or a psychological or learning disorder. Within their role, a Disability Support worker may help a patient with daily tasks, provide basic counselling and resources, and develop goals with their patients to help them reach their full potential.

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