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New Engineering Programme Powers Up Students for Future Jobs  

With its latest programme launch, NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electronics Engineering Strand) (Level 6), NZSE is taking a bold step towards empowering aspiring engineers. As the sole Private Training Establishment (PTE) offering this cutting-edge two-year programme, NZSE is gearing up to equip students for the rapidly evolving job market – classes start in July. To celebrate the programme launch, Dr. Neel Pandey, NZSE Group Academic Director – Operations and Research, brings together esteemed engineering leaders – including Louis Havinga, Alan Lyons, along with Dr. Jack (Xuejun) Li – to shed light on the societal impact and boundless career opportunities in Electronics Engineering.

“Electronics engineering is the heartbeat of modern society,” remarks Dr. Pandey, a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand, setting the tone for the exciting new programme.
Louis Havinga, General Manager of Health Technology Management at Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand, echoes this sentiment: “From the innovation of medical devices to the digitalisation of everyday tools, electronics engineering permeates every aspect of our lives, contributing to advancements in healthcare, connectivity, and beyond.”

“In industry, we need deep specialisation in the electronics [engineering] space – there are skills shortages and the one that’s really suffering is engineering,” notes Alan. We need four or five electronics engineering technicians for every graduate. “The stats I saw suggest we are achieving half. So this is a real need for the country. It’s a real need for industry.”
“With the increasing use of AI, electrical and electronic engineering will be very important for our future,” emphasises Dr. Jack (Xuejun) Li, Programme Director for the Bachelor of Engineering, AUT. From renewable energy to computer security and driverless vehicles, electronics engineers will be increasingly in demand. NZSE’s Engineering programme addresses the skills gap, offering practical knowledge for diverse engineering roles.
Wendy Liao, NZSEG Group CEO, highlights NZSE’s track record of providing industry-relevant education. “For 20 years, we’ve been delivering programmes that are up-to-date, meeting the industry requirements to produce sought-after skill sets,” Liao states, a testament to transforming lives through the power of learning.

NZSE’s commitment to supporting diversity and inclusivity within the engineering sector is clear, with scholarships available for both Māori and Pasifika learners. “By nurturing talent from all backgrounds, we are not only enriching the field of electronics engineering but also creating pathways for underrepresented groups to excel,” Dr. Pandey says.

Poised to shape the next generation of industry leaders, with its focus on innovation, excellence, and inclusivity, NZSE is paving the way for a brighter future. Discover NZ Diploma in Engineering (Electronics Engineering Strand) (Level 6)

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