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Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you consider yourself to be physically fit and want to encourage others to stay fit too? Are you looking for a job where that can be possible? NZSE’s Career Pathways in ATC can lead you to careers in the NZ Defense Forces, Security, Fitness and Recreation and beyond. Rise up to the challenge and see what’s available for you in our School of ATC.

The New Zealand Defense Forces have a range of roles and career opportunities available. They are involved in many aspects of protecting Aotearoa, including emergency responses and the security of New Zealand and its peoples.

Industry Certification / Work placement:

Security guards and officers protect people, property and assets of a business or during an event. Responsibilities can involve patrolling the site, monitoring from a control room and assisting the public where necessary.

Skills gained at this level

Industry Certifications / Work Placement:

Corrections officers work in prisons and courts to ensure that all people inside these facilities, including inmates and staff, are kept safe during daily activities. They also motivate inmates to make positive changes in their lives and may also deal with specific tasks relating to certain offenders.

Industry Certifications:

Fitness trainers are employed in community or private gyms to assist its visitors in their physical wellness goals. These trainers ensure that all exercise equipment is being operated correctly and safely while engaging with gym members and assisting in the delivery of fitness programmes.

Industry Certifications / Work Placement:

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