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Career Pathway in Health

NZSE School of Health

Find a career in Health or healthcare industry, check out in-demand jobs in the New Zealand healthcare sector. Get certified to work a healthcare professional.

Career Pathway in Tech

Find a career pathway in Tech/IT, work as and IT professional in technical support, network, software development, data analysts, and many more.

Find a Career Pathway

NZSE Find a Career Pathway – popular jobs in IT, Healthcare, ECE, Hospitality, and ATC Military Prep. Map your passion with in-demand jobs, skill up to build future proof career pathway.

STAR and Gateway Programmes

A Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) and Gateway courses – experience the pathway in IT, Healthcare, ECE, and ATC.

Cybersecurity For Information Technology Operations (Level 4)


School of Tech – Cybersecurity For Information Technology Operations (Level 4), Looking to upskill in cybersecurity and open doors in your career? Delve into a range of topics from securing hardware and software to making security and privacy more usable. Receive an introduction to concepts that extend from software development to database design and information systems.


NZSE School of Tech – A range of IT programmes from level 4 to level 7 that lead to popular jobs in IT industry, such as technical supports, data analysts, network and cloud technologies, etc.

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