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Rebecca Hall

New Zealand Defence Force
NZSE Manukau

As a high school student, Rebecca decided to take police course through Gateway – this is when she discovered NZSE’s School of ATC. Starting with a ten-week course, she went to NZSE’s Manukau Campus one day a week which inspired her to enrol in NZSE’s Certificate in Security (Level 3).

“I did a gateway course for the police in my last year of high school and discovered ATC. I like the way the courses are set out, I like the way it's run. It's very different from university. The classes are a lot more hands-on which teaches you about how to connect with people – and to grow friendships.”

From learning security technology to equipment operations; health and safety to emergency incident responses, ATC’s Certificate in Security (Level 3) gave Rebecca an introduction to the security industry.

I enjoyed the range of coursework as it kept the day-to-day interesting. It could be anything from working on group projects to doing group exercises; making presentations to doing what we call ABL’s – which is basically games to build the bonds between each other. I liked the group work as I’ve become a lot more confident, driven and I find it a lot easier to work with other people.

When it comes to highlights about her ATC experience, there were too many for Rebecca to just name one:

I loved the teamwork, the discipline, the unity and the support among students. You don’t find that in a lot of places, which is why I think ATC is so special and why it was my first choice when looking further into studying. I liked the way that we learned things through an experience. It has a very active learning environment.

Rebecca’s future is set alight with career opportunities, and she’s confident about rising up to the challenge.

“I’ve become a lot more confident, driven and found it a lot easier to work with other people. I now have the drive and ambition to take opportunities that are presented to me."

She completed 30 hours of industry placement, which got her job ready.

Currently I’m working in security which is good – ATC has also set me up for next steps – whether that’s with the police or army further down the line.

I really like how ATC opens up your career path. You can step into a role security, and it’s the doorway for a job with the New Zealand Defence Force or the police.

What’s Rebecca’s advice for someone considering studying at the School of ATC?

“Just go for it, just do it, you don’t know what you’re missing out on unless you take the chance.”

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes that’s how you learn and it’s good to make them now so that when you do finish a course if you decide to do it, then you’ll have the experience and the knowledge when you go into even further study or into the workforce.”

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