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Moshardanette O’Hara Campbell

School of Hospitality Graduate, Auckland

Moshardanette O’Hara Campbell has ambitions to run her own hospitality business and wanted to get qualified. She enrolled in NZSE to skill up in customer service and gain more confidence in the field.

“Due to the fact that I’m wanting to own a bar or a café when I get older, it’s given me a wider insight into hospitality. There’s more to it than just catering and bartending. It definitely helped me to aspire to carry on.”

Practical Learning

Learning hospitality at NZSE was a good eye opener for Moshardanette. She adapted well to the extent of practical work, and she especially enjoyed learning about the different sides of hospitality through field trips.

“What took me by surprise was the fact that everything wasn’t theory, and that’s really good for people who struggle with that side of learning. For me that was a bonus.”

A Family Environment

Moshardanette found that NZSE was a family environment. She met a lot of friendly people who tried their best to support her and her peers. If someone felt left out, there was definitely someone who would bring that person in.

“Noone gets left behind. They genuinely support you and care for you. It’s a beautiful environment.”

Moshardanette is currently gaining work opportunities in the hospitality industry while continuing her studies through NZSE’s partner company, Skilled Crew.

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