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Laila Shihada

Full Stack Software Developer, Risos Enterprises Ltd. Auckland

Laila Shihada sought to return to the workforce after having a break from the tech industry when she raised her three children. Knowing she needed to update her knowledge, she enrolled in a NZ Diploma in IT Software Development at NZSE.

“I decided to find a course or a programme to update my knowledge and enter the industry again.”

Updated Skillset

Having already had experience in software development before becoming a parent, Laila was glad to learn updated information at NZSE. What she learnt covered both theoretical and practical sides of development.

“It gave me a good experience on how these companies work in New Zealand, so this helped me get into a job in an easy way.”

Staff Who Support You

NZSE staff helped Laila jump over any challenges she faced in her studies. Her tutors were friendly and brought years of experience to assist her, while her course advisors were always there to lend a land and help with issues she had.

“The course advisors are very professional. Any problem that is highlighted to them, they can easily fix it.”

Laila is currently undertaking an internship where she is working on an AI based project. She plans to complete a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity, followed by a PHD in Cybersecuirty and Artificial Intelligence.

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