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Mary Jala

Home-Based Educator

Mary’s NZSE experience isn’t one of typical classroom lessons. It’s about the modern educational experience – showcasing the power of online learning and hands-on training.
With a passion for working with young children, Mary found herself initially anxious about online studies. However, NZSE’s supportive environment and accessible tutors quickly turned her apprehension into confidence. Through their guidance, Mary not only mastered the intricacies of early childhood education but also honed her skills in practical settings. Her journey highlights three key aspects of NZSE’s approach:

Firstly, the flexibility of online courses enabled Mary, a busy mother, to balance her studies with her family commitments, demonstrating NZSE's commitment to accessibility.

“A main reason I chose to study ECE at NZSE is because it’s an online programme. It’s really helpful for mothers or those who have to juggle work and study – even while you’re working, you can still do your online course. Even though you’re have a family, you can fit in course work at home, easily.”

Secondly, the dedicated tutors at NZSE played a pivotal role in Mary's success. Their passion for teaching and unwavering support made the online learning experience engaging and effective.

“NZSE gave me confidence to work with the little ones – to work skillfully and more effectively from goal-making to planning. My tutors and NZSE’s student support team are always available to help out if you have a problem or any particular doubts.”

Lastly, NZSE's emphasis on practical experience equipped Mary with the confidence and skills needed to thrive in real-world settings. Through hands-on training and industry connections facilitated by NZSE, Mary emerged job-ready and prepared to make a positive impact in the field of early childhood education.

“64 hours of work experience helped me prepare for day-to-day work life. I could use my skills. Overall, I learnt how to work with young kids; young minds.”

I was anxious about enrolling in an online course, but NZSE and my tutor really helped me out. During the whole programme, they were available to assist me where needed –they gave me confidence that I could complete it. The online delivery was especially helpful. As a mother, even when I was busy with family, I was able to attend class and complete coursework at home, easily.

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