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Benjamin Ross

Customer Service and Tech Support Specialist, Wireless Nation Auckland

Benjamin Ross has always been interested in technology, and has done some side jobs involved in tech. However, he had never pursued his love of tech professionally. Ben saw NZSE’s NZ Diploma in IT Tech Support (Level 5) and decided to enrol and fill in the blanks of his tech-based knowledge.

“I thought that if I get an actual qualification, it will be a really good way to get into the industry properly.”

Skilling Up

While studying at NZSE, Ben was able to learn key skills and the basics for any IT role. His favourite part was the roleplay scenarios in which his tutor played a range of easy and difficult tech customers, which provided him the soft skills and abilities to face people in the tech support industry. He found this a well rounded base for him to make a start in the tech world.

“When you get into the industry, you’re going to learn a lot of more specific things. What you learn at NZSE is a solid grounding for everything else you’re going to need in the industry.”

Transitioning to Work

NZSE helped Ben get an internship with internet provider Wireless Nation, and he found the transition from work to study to be way smoother than he anticipated. Due to the base of knowledge he gained at NZSE, he was able to start contributing to his workplace soon after learning workplace specifics.

“It was almost like an extension of my training, and it helped me ease into my work.”

Ben now works full time at Wireless Nation as a Customer Service and Tech Support Specialist, where he answers tech support and general enquiries customers may have.

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