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Daumavia Herewini

School of ATC Tutor, NZSE Hamilton

Daumavia had a difficult home life growing up but she was determined to break the intergenerational cycle her family was in. She decided to leave high school and her hometown to look for opportunities in Hamilton when she found ATC Military Prep School and joined the whānau -enrolling in our NZ Certificate in Fitness and Recreation (Level 1). Daumavia loved ATC and came back year after year to complete the rest of the ATC Military Prep courses studying Vocational Pathways Social and Community Services – Military Prep (Level 2), and enrolled in Hamilton’s first NZ Certificate in Security (Level 3) cohort.

“I feel like ATC did save me in a way because it provided a new path for me and now being back as a tutor, I can help students see that better things are coming for them as well.”

Rising Up To Lead

Better suited to a learning style that included a mixture of physical and academic learning, Daumavia enjoyed having the discipline in her everyday life while studying at the School of ATC. She became more confident and could see herself taking the lead in future opportunities. 

“I Just really liked all the military training and drills, plus I was put in leadership roles. I was always class IC and then campus IC.”


Daumavia made lifelong friends and connections at ATC. She found her purpose within a group where she felt wanted, worthy and important. She has seen firsthand how the has changed the life of not only herself but her friends after graduating. 

"Just seeing how far they've gotten in life, how ATC has helped them, and how much they've achieved now is just beautiful to see."

After graduating, she accepted a job at Armourguard then worked as a security officer for different organisations before returning to teach at ATC. In the classroom, Daumavia sets herself as the living proof that anyone can get through their own struggles, just like she did.

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