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Hartaj Singh

Rehab Assistant, ABI Rehabilitation, Auckland

Arriving to New Zealand as an international student from Punjab, India, Hartaj began his academic journey at NZSE with a clear goal in mind: to make a difference in healthcare. Enrolling in NZSE School of Health’s Diploma in Community and Healthcare Support (Level 7) he laid the foundation for his future in the healthcare industry.

Hands-on Learning

At NZSE, Hartaj found a blend of theory and hands-on experience that shaped his understanding of healthcare. Group discussions, practical scenarios, and dedicated tutors equipped him with the skills needed for real-world challeng

“I gained a plethora of knowledge from both practical and theoretical-based lessons. There are group activities and practical sessions, such as when you learn to use mobility aids – this makes it really easy to understand what you’d expect on the job.”

Mentors and Support

The tutors at NZSE played a crucial role in Hartaj’s journey, offering guidance and expertise every step of the way.

“We had many scenario-based discussions usually based on legislation – rules and regulations; ethical and legal conducts and code of conduct. Group studies made it easier to learn new rules and regulations. Our tutor would educate us with mobility aids and by mimicking client interactions – I gained knowledge that would be beneficial in a job”.

Putting Knowledge to Work

Hartaj’s work placement was a pivotal moment, allowing him to apply his learning in a real-world setting. Immersed in healthcare institutions, he gained valuable experience and developed empathy and cultural sensitivity in caring for patients.

A Journey of Determination

With his eyes on the future, Hartaj’s pursuit of a nursing career signifies the enduring spirit and commitment to excellence of NZSE’s graduates.

“My future goal is to be a nurse in New Zealand, and I would definitely like to further continue my study from NZSE.”

Why Choose NZSE

NZSE offers a supportive environment where students can learn practical skills and gain real-world experience. From dedicated tutors to immersive learning opportunities and job connections, NZSE prepares students like Hartaj for success in their chosen field.

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