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Myles Kennedy

Kiwi Computers Owner and Operator, Auckland

Myles left school and, as a very practical and hands on person, decided to go into labouring jobs as he was unsure of the career path he wanted to go down. Getting caught up in the wrong crowd, Myles started down a troublesome path and realised he needed to turn his life around.

"I revaluated my life from the very beginning to that point in time, I wrote and wrote; pros and cons, what I was good at and what brought me down. In the end I told myself, I’ll go pursue technology."

Finding Direction

 Studying at NZSE helped Myles rediscover his passion for tech. Myles was interested in computers and tech for most of his life, from playing computer games at a young age to fixing and restoring hardware as he grew older. Myles joined the whānau enrolling in our NZ Diploma in Networking (Level 6). He was eager to learn and absorb as much information as he could.

“I’ve been interested in tech since I was 10, and thanks to the help and support of NZSE, I rediscovered my passion for it and now have my own PC repair shop.”

Dedicated Tutors

He had many highlights during his studies but the main one was his tutors who were warm and gave helpful feedback on how he could improve his assignments.

"It is a good atmosphere and is really classy. Teachers go above and beyond. We had a couple of tutors stay until 8pm to help us. They taught me a lot and the support was tailored to me and each student."

Thanks to his hard work, the support from our staff, and newfound friends, Myles graduated the programme as one of the top students in his class and has since opened Kiwi Computers, a PC repair shop on Queen Street.  

He is excited to share his story to encourage other people to discover and follow their passion and be determined to make it happen.

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