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Eleele Afoa

ECE Teacher, Our Kids Glen Eden

Eleele Afoa sought NZSE to become qualified in Early Childhood Education. She enrolled in a NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level 4).

“I was motivated to become an ECE Teacher as I love children a lot and enjoy working with kids, teaching and looking after them.”

Skilled Up

Eleele learned a lot of practical and theoretical skills about ECE during her studies. Her most valuable lessons were in time management, patience and asking questions when unsure.

“This career can be different every day as you deal with all sorts of children and families and being able to think on your feet is a must.”

Student Support

Eleele was able to find a job that she was passionate about thanks to the additional support from her tutors. During her studies, she found her tutors’ support helpful and friendly.

“If you don’t understand things such as the course outlines, the tutors explain it to you and help you and if you get stuck. You’ve got a whole team to support you.”

Eleele works now as an ECE Teacher at Our Kids in Glen Eden.

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