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Lesona Seuluga

NZSE Health Graduate, Auckland

Lesona was eager to study healthcare to learn how to care for the vulnerable in her family and community. She discovered NZSE and joined the whānau enrolling in our NZ Certificate Health and Wellbeing (Level 2).

“I wanted to learn how to care for elderly people because of my past experience with the elderly in the islands."

Student Support

Lesona’s journey was far from easy. She faced language barriers, multiple lockdowns, and the heart-breaking loss of her grandmother who raised her. Physically and emotionally drained, Lesona asked to withdraw from the course, but our staff encouraged her to keep going.

“One day I went to see Puna from Student Services and withdraw, but one smile can change everything. Puna took me in to see my course coordinator Lesley and they gave me a reason to stay, encouraging me to ‘think about my future'."


From then on Lesona made some good friends and not only worked hard to complete our Level 2 course, but finished her NZ Certificate Health and Wellbeing (Level 3) and NZ Certificate Health and Wellbeing – Advanced Care and Support (Level 4).

“I slowly met new friends and enjoyed hanging out with other students from different cultural backgrounds. Then after a couple of months I became a one of the top students from Healthcare Level 3. I was so proud of myself."

Since then, Lesona was offered a place of study for nursing which she pursued after finishing with NZSE. Her advice to all students is,

“You only fail if you quit, when you feel like you're being challenged the most, believe in where you're heading.”

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